FAQ/Rules & Return Policy


FAQ/Rules & Return Policy

How long does it take to get a commission?

Depending on size and complexity, I ask for 1-2 weeks to complete a commission and ship it out (obviously digital does not need to be shipped). Generally, cards are within 3-5 days.


What's the process?

You select your commission type, then include your commission subject at checkout or send it through the contact form either on Big Cartel or my site. 

Sketch cards: begin drawing them once payment is rendered and description sent.

Everything else: I begin thumbnailing 2-3 poses and send them back to you for approval and feedback. Once you've given the okay, I begin sketching the commission at full-size. I send it to you once again for approval, and this will be the last phase where you can make adjustments or changes. I then ink the piece, and then paint if it's a painted commission.


Stuff I will draw:

Original Characters, Fan art, nudity (non-pornographic), portraits, furry characters are okay. Funny dick cartoons. Horror/gore is also okay.  I reserve the right to refuse something if it is uncomfortable for me to draw.


Stuff I won't draw:

Logos, hardcore pornographic scenes (negotiable on this for more money) or anything with bestiality, incest, or anything sexual with underage individuals. Don't be fucking gross.



I offer the opportunity to make changes and tweaks after the initial thumbnail AND sketch phases of every drawing (with exception of sketch cards.) You may request a refund during the thumbnail stage, however you may not get a refund or cancel your order once I have begun the penciling phase. I may reconsider in certain rare circumstances, but generally this is the rule that I stick to. Please send me a message if you have any questions before we start the process. :)